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Between: and it agents  To : the client and / or purchaser and / or user.

The representatives and agents of this site are Engaged in the research, creation and marketing of kabbalah remedies and Talismans. All products and / or materials are designed for people who understand and believe the practice of practical kabbalah only.

Please note: There are no current modern science researches that supports any of the mysticism domain!
If you do not believe in practical kabbalah and / or the practices of mystics please do not purchase products from us at all.
Know that all mystical procedure is not a substitute for medical and / or psychological conventional and / or other alternative treatment.
Remedies,talismans, actions and advice we give are based on privately passed knowledge of our own, Therefore to be receive as uncertain and should be accepted only with your own reason of judgment.
Please note:  we believe that in order to generate the wanted outcome from any procedure, one must approach and practice the remedies with strong belief and will.
Please note: Only the client who practice the remedies and instructions is in charge of desired result.

For the avoidance of doubt: we will not be responsible for all the consequences of the procedure and/or it results
For the avoidance of doubt: Once the remedies, talismans or any other actions provided by us, they are being adjusted or sent to the client, they can be use by the client alone! therefore payment refunds will not be optional since that stage. 

For the avoidance of doubt: 

For the avoidance of doubt:
Our practitioners and  representatives have not supernatural powers of any kind and all actions offered by us are an outcome of privet or common knowledge!
We do not believe in predicting the future and / or communication with mystical entities of any kind whatsoever.

Thank you.

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