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Love Binding spells -How it works

For the first step, it is necessary to perform a Kabbalistic reading of all parties included in the desired process, the reading will reveal the parties channels system (nativim) along with their compatibility for each other and for the treatment. 

If the reading finds the parties compatible than it will be possible to perform an action to reunite, attract or bind the relationship.


The action itself will be performed by you, using a  Kabbalah remedies set or talisman.


We will guide you and be with you throughout the process to make sure all instructions are performed correctly and to monitor the advancment through weekly readings and inquiries.


Each process is defferent for each case and therefor the instructions for each case are different as well.

If you would like to understand the nature of the process better and to ask specific questions regarding your personl case, please contact us in the form to your right and we will contact you back shortly.

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