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3 facts - Understanding spells

The esoteric practice is hidden in today's world and many of the facts surrounding the practice of love spells and love bindings remain unknown to the general public. In this article, we will pass you 3 basic facts you must know before choosing a spell caster or Kabbalah practitioner.

1. No one can perform any spiritual action for you!

You and only you can perform a spiritual action in your life! The idea that someone else can cast a spell or create a binding to your relationship is a very well established misconception that provides a stage to many "unprofessional" practitioners and so called "psychics".

The only way for you to perform a love binding action or any kind of spell is to do it yourself through correct guidance.

The practitioner's work is to provide and adjust the most accurate tools for you to be able to complete the action; tools that are known as Kabbalah remedies, Talismans or adjusted spells.

2. No one - with an honest heart - can guarantee 100% success for any spiritual action.

In the same way that the medical practitioners can not guarantee a specific medication, surgical process or drug will be successful for every patient, the spiritual practitioner can not guarantee 100% success for all cases. The mystical practice, like any other scientific practice, is based on statistics and a proper analysis of the problem. DO NOT work with any practitioner who claims a 100% success guarantee, as this claim can only reflect dishonesty or a significant lack of experience. Although some processes such as; Remedies & love bindings are extremely successful, no action is impervious to flaws. Don't be fooled by false promises!

3. Future-telling is not accurate and is essentially harming your future

There is no 'one and only" future path, there is no one destiny or faith that can be unveiled for you. The truth is that there are many different paths to your future; not endless options and paths, but a large variety of options exist.

Psychics who hold the power of seeing, do not truly hold the power of seeing the future, but their ability is only to "see a person for what he is." In other words, they can see the set of patterns that are forming the person's personality. By seeing this, many psychics are able to make a simple assumptions about your behaviour and accordingly , assume many events in your past as well as many events in your future, but their assumptions for the future can only accurate if the person remain as he is and does not perform any change in his thinking and doing processes. It is a simple understanding to make that if a tree grow straight then it will probably keep on growing straight, or if a person tended to destroy relationships in his past then he is "most-likely" to repeat this pattern in his future. However, this future is not faith or destiny, as we humans have the constant ability to change our patterns and by that change our future from A-Z. When a psychic future-teller convinces a client that his future is only one option or another, he essentially traps him into experiencing this future by making him believe it is the only future possible, thus paving his path. A responsible practitioner should tell his client the truth as it is: that all he can see is the present time of NOW, and the rest are only predictions based on educated assumptions at most.

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