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Law of attraction - Energetic playground

The law of attraction is the electro-magnetic communication that occurs between each identical or polar essences. A widely spread misconception regarding the esoteric knowledge is the idea in which the law of attraction means that in order for one to attract an event in his life, he must WANT it with all of his might and will, Although this behaviour of wanting something with intense levels of will can at times grant a person his object of desire, it is also quite often to react the opposite effect and attract the opposite of one's desires.

The law of attraction should be understood differently, not as an energetic playground in which the loudest kid gets the ball, but as a system of receptors that one posses in his mental structure, the law of attraction in its true form can be explained in the following words: You attract what you are made of - and not : you attract what you want .

The human being is made of a complex system of patterns, from thoughts patterns and emotional patterns, to patterns of motions, beliefs and automatic behaviours, each and everyone of these patterns send an impact to the external world which in response sends a compatible impact in return, this symphony of impacts is what we experience as our day to day life.

The true art of using the law of attraction to our benefit and development is not the mindless repetition of mantras and desires, but is the conscious and brave introspection of the patterns that form ourself and their readjustment to match the object of desire or goal.

The esoteric practice of practical Kabbalah is the manipulation of the Law of attraction with the usage of Kabbalah remedies, Talismans and sound patterns also known as spells.

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