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Energetic Binding - 77 years union

Binding is the name given for the energetic process of unification of two lovers using practical Kabbalah remedies. In this process the lovers will bind both of their primary energetic channels. performed only for compatible cases and only for the intention of married companionship of a spiritual nature.

The romantic union is a sacred union that is meant to serve much more than just the animalistic drive of sex, pleasure or even security, but the romantic union is meant to provide the ability of the lovers to evolve their state of being from the realm of flash to a higher realm of existence thorough the correct operation of the sexual energy.

A binding action between lovers is a process that combines both remedies work and daily assignments of ritualistic and meditative nature, the instructions are simple to perform and can be easily accomplished by anyone who is found compatible with the process and is serious and honest in his or her desire for union. We offer full support and guidance during and after the process so as to ensure optimal lasting results.

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